Παναγία Πορταΐτισσα

Παναγία Πορταΐτισσα

Τρίτη, 17 Απριλίου 2012

Bp AKAKIJE (TOC-Serbia) of Resava: Paschal Epistle

Bp AKAKIJE (TOC-Serbia) of Resava: Paschal Epistle

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Acacius, Grace of God True Orthodox Bishop of Resava-Sumadija

All the faithful of Saint Sava Serbian Orthodox Church CEDIMA send the holiest and most joyous of ancient Christian Paschal greeting: Christ is Risen!
Bright Resurrection of Christ anew each year inspires us to firmly and unswervingly persist in the fight for our holy Orthodox faith, and therefore our MUCH for the Serbian people. Toržestveno holiday light celebration of the Resurrection which is preceded by a terrible and glorious Sunday holy life-saving sufferings of Christ, ever reminding us that without suffering through the suffering and there can be no resurrection. On Calvary was called every time. Take up his cross and follow Christ means to - to have genuine remorse and offering the fruits of repentance, for the love of God to suffer any trouble that befalls us, imitating the Christ who died for us sinners. The history of our nation's mnogostradalnog Calvary. Ideal for the suffering of faithfulness to Christ is always deeply permeated our people. While the blessed spirit was present in our nation, we could not hope and earthly resurrection of Church and State. Today we lack the mercury-resurrect baptismal faith, which is always fatal moment gave our people hope and raised him.

It's hard to be a time in which we live is quite different from earlier times through which our people are going: time of war, crisis, poverty ... Serbs still living who went through the horrors of the disintegration of the Kingdom of Yugoslavia, the world and fratricidal war, the overthrow of the monarchy, the communist revolution and their half-century rule of the ungodly. Newer generation matured, when the Communist star has already begun to fade, they experienced a return of communism and the wars of western democracy. All generations of our ancestors are necessarily more or less tasted the bitterness of suffering. This is allowed, or we were sent by God for our sins, and can always be reversed for the good that we serve to save, for the spiritual law of pleasure and happiness of man linked to this world, while the bitterness and suffering are encouraged to looking for true joy and happiness, which exceed the limits of this world. Cup of honey has no respondents said Bishop Njegoš, while the glass is not zagrči bile.

However, there is something that our ancestors have not tasted, and what our generation's taste. These are deadly poisons apostasy sergijanske issue of freedom of the Church bogoborcima among the most deadly poison - poison pan-heresy of ecumenism. This is not about the suffering of the body, it is directed only to the soul of Serbian people. Do not fear those who kill the body but can not kill the soul, - says the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ - but fear those who can and destroy the soul and body in hell. Yes, this word is true, especially because today target the enemy of mankind is not only to separate the faithful from the path of salvation which leads him to the Orthodox Church, but also that, in the words of. Seraphim Rose, create their own "Orthodox Church" - and that only the Body of Christ into an ecumenical organization of the ground, to thereby prepare your chosen arrival of the Antichrist ... Patriarchate of Belgrade, due to its solid ekumenističkog rate from the time of Patriarch German Titov , became faithful izobraženje this description. of organic membership in the World Council of Churches, meeting point heretical, which consists of hundreds of various heresies, each of which is spiritual death, to the common prayers and identification ekumeniskih Mohammedan and Jewish god with the true Trinitarian God, It is indeed partly confirmed.
One of the last Serbian Orthodox bishop, St. Nicolai, professed a belief in God as the Creator of all men, but the same God the Father only of those people who believe in the Son of God and the sonship. "Whosoever denies the Son that the Father does, and who confesses the Son has the Father also" (1 Jn. 2:23). We are all creatures of God, and potentially sons of God. But the true sons of God "who received him, and which gave the right to be called sons of God, who believe in His name, who were born, not of blood ... but of God "(John 1.12 to 13). The difference between Christians and non-Christians, ie. among those born and created, it must be especially stand out in our time of vulgar propaganda that all religions are equal, the propaganda that the lower mountain valleys, without raising the height of the mountain valleys. If this is the confession of the Orthodox faith, and it is, then how is it possible to be Orthodox Christians pray with the Mohammedans and the Jews the same God? Patriarch-elect of the Belgrade Patriarchate Irenaeus in the Jewish synagogue prayer is involved in burning talmudskog menorah candle holders, a sanctuary of the universe St. John Chrysostom thunders: "None of the Jews are not God given. Who speaks? I am the Son of God: 'I do not know me or my Father, if you knew me you would know my Father also' (Jn.8.19). What is more reliable witness than this may lead? "Next Chrysostom says:" The synagogue is a haven for demons, a more correct to say, not only synagogues but also the souls of the Jews. If you consider the true Judaism, why do you burden the Church? "

Yes, the pan-heresy of ecumenism really is the greatest evil that ever befell the people of Serbian Orthodox hristoimeniti. The eyes of the spiritual leader of the people pomračiše and kept him in eternal perdition. Therefore it is necessary to walk through Zivonosni infallible and our Holy Father Sava ravnoapostolnog through patristic orthodoxy. "For a lot of heresy in various periods of time and come up with the devil - St. Sava warns us in his sermon on the true faith - and many weeds zloverja through his servants jeresenačalnike sowed in the universe to decay and smućivanja true faith, I curse you, and with them those that izmisliše evil dogmas, and loathe the devil of every heresy. " Iskopajmo because some of us stumble, not physically but spiritually: if, in fact, the Serbian Patriarch and bishops, who are the eyes of the Church, to comply with such disastrous issue of learning and faith in the scandal to the people, should be separated from them. Remember, the basis of Orthodox ecclesiology is the fact that the faithful can not be saved separately from your pravovernog bishop, as the body can not live separately from the head. Responsibility of bishops and the people to keep the Orthodox faith is mutual: the bishop is obliged to answer for Orthodox character of his flock, a flock - the Orthodox character of his bishop. When Bishop becomes a heretic automatically ceases to be a bishop, that is. guardian of the true faith. On disposal of svecrkvenog Orthodox episcopate of the Church's unity. Moreover, if the faithful continue to consider him a bishop, that is. to visit his "worship" to receive from him the secret, to receive blessings and so on., they fall along with him from the Church. So what the immense tragedy najnesrećnijeg our time.
All of us, asleep hristoimenitog Serbian nation, St. Sava, survive this tragedy with great regret. Since the Second World War onwards the tale of defeat after defeat. Although the number of those who remained faithful to the true covenants of our fathers, those who stood firmly in defense of sacred motto, "With faith in God for King and Fatherland!", Reduced to vanishing in the darkness of their universal apostasy, both religious and national , vanishing in the darkness of Christian piety, Humanity, and moral chivalry of every Serb respectively, honorable exceptions, there is still a little germ that can be sprouted even before the end of time to grow into a strong and diversified wood, there is a single bright coals that can be converted in to a terrible enemies of the torch and ignite the fire of zeal for the glory of God, the fire that the Lord came to cast upon the earth. The germ and the coals - this is true Orthodoxy. Ideology and truly, truly antiekumenističko Orthodoxy - Faith of our fathers.

Our true Orthodox Christians is a small, very small. But our ideal is the old Saint Sava Serbian Church, which was a National Church, which preserves and nurtures the spirit of the people, customs, traditions, submitting them to the eternal, divine, the Christian truth. Saint Sava Church has always had in mind only his divine call to the Serbian people and calmly but firmly it is exercised, never paying attention to the fact that the time is favorable or not, that is. whether the ideals of St. Sava because of the consistency of the world to be despised and even persecuted. And yesterday, today and tomorrow and it will always defend their rights, people's spirit of St. Sava, St. Sava Serbian culture and all other vows of St. Sava. That is the baptismal-time resurrect our holy ancestors from whom or at what price we should not give up.

The twentieth century was for all the Orthodox peoples, and for our people, the decisive century "sifting." He divided people into those who see what is happening now and who, in addition to inevitable problems tesnog golgotskog and thorny road, take every precaution not to let them take mighty torrent of modern apostasy, and indifferent to those who ignore the all that is happening. The latter turned a blind eye to the reality of the terrible apostasy only because they will not get baptized-resurrect through Golgotha. This is the spirit posvetovnjačenja, sacrificing spirit of Christ, the spirit of St. Sava, and merging with the world that the evil lies. Orthodox Church broke away from the so-called "global" or "Orthodox ecumenist" - institutional church structures, which are deeply imbued upropašćujuće heresy of ecumenism, modernism and sergijanstva. Because of this, we should be aware that the true Orthodoxy today-only baptismal resurrect the path can reach the resurrection of both personal and national. In its interpretation of the Revelation of St. John the Theologian, Archbishop Averkije Džordanvilski (1976) writes about the Philadelphia Church of Revelation: "The Church of Philadelphia is a picture of life in the penultimate period of the Church of Christ, the epoch of which we are contemporaries of the epoch in which the church has little strength in humanity , the epoch in which to start a new haunts and which will require patience. " In this context it should be seen and the future of the Serbian people and Serbian Orthodox Church. We should not live in illusions that there will be a resurrection of Orthodoxy and Orthodox countries, led by Imperial Russia. There is such a prophecy, but they are in the field of miracles and are strictly determined by a nationwide repentance. In contrast to the institutional church glittering state that outer reaches its full bloom, True Saint Sava Serbian Church lives and will live in small illegal (catacomb) communities, unrecognized by the state, the suburbs, mountains and forests, led by a small number of bishops, priests and monaaha completely hidden attention of world public opinion.
Today, the despised of this world Church celebrates his favorite holiday and svehvalnog holy Resurrection of Christ, with the knowledge that no real faith there is no resurrection or a personal or national. Who wants to be saved, said St. Athanasius the Great, the first of all have to preserve Catholic faith, which if not fully preserve the chastity, that is undoubtedly dying forever. This is the same conviction and a note to congratulate you feast of feasts, light Resurrection of Christ: those who have not yet gathered the strength to get out of my union official and the true Church, let the risen Lord to give strength to the holy work, and those who have done it long ago or almost a risen Lord strengthen! Embrace one another, forgive those who hate us and joyfully sing: Christ is risen from the dead, trampling down death by death and to those in the tombs bestowing life!
Christ is risen!

+ Bishop Akakije Easter 2012th